5-26-14 by dave

The last day of the season was a celebration of life as evidenced by the ebullient energy of the faithful who showed up to send the snow pack back to the BIG CYCLE.  Here is a shot of the snow pack that is still on the hill as it is now in full retreat down the canyon.  Out in Mineral Basin, the Groomers were offering sweet sorbet for the light DSC02158 traffic that was on hand for the opening bell.  Folks began to arrive in droves as the morning warmed up and the hill became a bit more crowded.  There were great costumes on the hill and the energy was high for this festive day.  Here are two shots of my favorite costumes that I saw.  DSC02161DSC02164There were so many great examples I was blown away.  As the day came to a close, there was pond skimming up on Lower Anderson’s Hill, where it was wet and wild.  Down on the Plaza Hectic Hobo and Two and a Half White Guys were providing the groove for the partying folks.  Here is a shot of the scene on the deck as the band was rocking the crowd.   Also, as part of the last day Celebration, was a fund raiser for the Sherpas of Nepal who were killed in the Everest avalanche.  The Plaza was jammed with folks and it was a great send off for the season.  I want to thank all the folks who follow my site and wish you all a safe and fun Summer.  DSC02163  I will be getting the Trailer ready for the trip to it’s Summer spot at the undisclosed location in the high desert where I will continue my investigations into the arcane and Hyperdimensional  realms.  I will be posting about the Summer happenings and developments on the hill.   Stay Frosty!!DSC00187

4 Responses to “PARTY TIME”

  1. Tom and Betty says:

    Hey dave,

    For a getting older guy you look pretty good in the trailer pic! See if you can find a wormhole in your hyper-dimensional explorations, and then we can all go back to the beginning. Thanks for your friendship and inspiration since then.

    You too have a good summer and we’ll see you next time.


  2. George L. Lewis, IV says:


    Thanks for all the great photos, artwork, and news updates at the Bird.

    Have a great summer in the silver surfer airstream.

    Stay in shape for next winter!


    G & L

  3. marie says:

    thanks for all the winter smiles ! it was a fun spring. and a very fun memorial day weekend. one of the funnest. during the summer, will you venture from the “undisclosed location” to the fork lift for breakfast. if yes, we might come up and meet you for breakfast one morning. marie & company.

  4. marie says:

    the only thing missing from this post is the “bunny head.”

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