12-15-15 by dave

There was an overnight extra delivery of the Essence that was even lighter than the day before.  The faithful were on deck early and ready for the festivities which began with Regulator only off the top.  Gad 2 was a great option with some deep lines that had been neglected by the majority of the attendees.  The cold temps. and continued flurries preserved the quality of the new installment, but the old crusty base was still in play, however, it was much less of an issue as it was yesterday.  The low angle lines were much more consistent and were offering the full contact carve feel that I have been waiting for all season.  I recently posted a shot of the fire pit in front of the Forklift covered with a large accumulation after a long dry spell early in the season a few years ago.  I asked that we all visualize the same result for this season.  Here is a shot of a much more modern fire pit in front of the Forklift with a similar accumulation of the Essential Substance manifested as sure as shootin’.  Nice work everyone, and this once again demonstrates the power of positive thinking.  Let’s keep up the energy and bring in another dose just to cap it off before the Holiday Season begins.  DSC03275The Peruvian side of the hill opened a bit later in the morning, and the folks were standing at the rope line waiting for the drop. The deep fluff was explosive and dry, delivering face shots top to bottom.  Perhaps soon we will see some more terrain open as the Patrol gets the control work done.  I will be keeping and eye out for any eventualities.  Here is a shot of the Crew from Crested Butte who were really soaking up all the goodness that the Bird delivers.  Here they are partaking of the Forklift Tradition were all the notes are compared and contrasted.  DSC03277It is great to have them here with us for the kick off of the season.  A big shout out to the Crested Butte Crew that read this report and keep an eye on the energy in LCC!!   Tomorrow, look for cold temps again, great Groomers after the Crew works the new snow into the mat, and some great soft power off the beaten path.  Keep your eye pealed for new terrain to, perhaps, be available.  That old layer will still be in play but, with the Grooming, should be just a hint.  See you in the AM for the carve fest.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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  1. steve says:

    dave where off gad2 are you talking about? the only thing I saw open all morning was bassakwards. bananas wasn’t open or any other runs. I did leave at 1130. if there is something I missing off of bassakwards please let me know. Steve.

  2. dave says:

    Steve, you must have missed the opening of Bananas. Reports were that it was a bit rocky. I did not go over there today because I did not want to deal with the traffic.

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