2-21-15 by dave

I awoke at 3:33 AM to the report of thunderous rain on the Trailer, signaling a overnight dump up on the hill.  The forecast was for a build up during the day, but who is going to complain about a big dose while sleeping.  There was a heaping helping of the goods, and by some of the short edits on FB it looked as if there was plenty to be stoked about.  Those smooth lines from the past week were offering the most consistent ride, and after my off trail explorations yesterday, even the off trail was offering great conditions.  Despite a brief appearance of the Sun during the early hour or so, clouds built up and covered the range all day.  As I took the day off to rest up for the next stretch, I went and visited the CHEF, who is on injured reserve after a severe back issue.  I took this shot of the bark on the tree outside his back door. The definition was so good I could not resist a study in contrast.  DSC02583Tomorrow, look for some limited overnight accumulation to add to the recent installment, high winds out of the East as the low passed to the South, and outstanding conditions wall to wall.  I will be back up on the hill first thing and will have that first hand report for tomorrow.  It should still be quite cold and the wind will be a feature for the day.  Look for some wind transported lines that might turn out to be free refills if the wind does the thing we love.  IBBY!!

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