12-17-15 by dave

There was 15” of 6% Essence deposited on the hill overnight, making the total 55” since all this started earlier in the week. The coverage is improving rapidly with more terrain being opened little by little.  The new snow is cold and dry, which explodes as you move through it.  This is the great part of this early time of the season, the snow quality stays good all day long no matter what aspect you hit.  Regulator was the only thing open for most of the day, with Gad 2 opening later.  The overall consistency is much improved, with the old layer still in play but becoming less of a concern day by day.  It was nice to see the Sun today, as it illuminated the sweet lines still to be mined.  Here is a shot of the Lower Cirque look sumptuous.  DSC03292The hill is really beginning to hit it’s stride and it will be a very happy Holiday Season as we are expecting yet more snow in the next few days.   Tomorrow, look for the Peruvian Gulch to open as I do not think they opened it today.  The off trail over there is becoming much better covered and I plan to begin mining the lines that I have been avoiding so far this season.  The Grooming will be very nice for the early runs before things get worked over too much.  It will continue to be cold, and there might be some morning snow showers to add to the cushion.    Since Star Wars opened today,  Chubacca decided to duck the hubbub and get some of the goods here on the hill, who could blame him.  Plus, he had some very nice company with whom to shred.  DSC03290Traffic is still light after the initial push for the day, so you can expect to get some serious vertical in.  Speed Safely!!

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