11-13-10 by dave

You had to get up pretty early in the morning to make first Tram this morning.  By 8:15 AM. the parking lot was full to the stairs, with the faithful streaming toward the Plaza with intent.  The first two Trams of the morning dispersed the assembled seekers leaving walk on Trams for the rest of the day.  The visibility off the peak was problematic to the bottom of Regulator.  That being the only run open off the peak, made it mighty busy.  The saving grace was a solid groom job that let you stay with the fall line and find reference markers, snow guns to give a sense of position.  Throughout the entire morning the groom job held up admirably, only giving way to some low amplitude rumble as the traffic worked the section.   Many seekers were probing well off the beaten path to where the underlying hazards were fully in play.  The full on snow making efforts have filled in the thin areas, leaving solid access to the bottom.   Rock skis are still recommended till we get more snow, but compared with last season’s opener this was well ahead concerning cover and slope availability.  The energy on the Tram was high with high volume conversation, which is a sure sign of pure stoke, but who can blame them after waiting for these months. Tomorrow, look for renewed grooming top to bottom with groovalicious carve-ability.  Hopefully the visibility will be better to take advantage of the smooth!!!  See you on first Tram.   IBBY!!

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  1. Dave Cook says:


    Say you across the plaza opening day. So sorry not to wish you Happy New Year. The best day of my summer was Saturday. 4 months and 23 days since last dance in the Wasatch. May November 13th be the worst day of the season…yeah baby!

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