2-19-10 by dave

One silly MM covered the hill this Friday morning  frosting the Groomers with a fluffulecent sweetness that defied anyone from having a bad turn.  The off trail continues to sport a short chop to negotiate, though it’s low amplitude kept it realistic over all if you were to check out the more exotic sections.  The majority of the passing storm looks like it is going South, so light snow can be anticipated this weekend with visibility playing a role in the stoke factor.   You never know what can happen here, making any prognostications a risky endeavor.  I would not be surprised to find that any over night snow supplies a morning worth showing up for.  If  a silly MM makes for great skiing, just think of what more would do.  Of course, we all know what that is like or we would be talking about somewhere else. Mineral Basin did not get much traffic today, with the visibility being so problematic, indicating a smoother overall complexion  on the shot of your choice.  Sun affected snow is getting covered on the South and South West exposures giving them a reprieve from the crunch factor.  The High North sections continue to be great with only the lower elevations getting a bump build up.  The Gad 2 area still provides the best tree reference light for those foggy conditions and the access to the exotic sections are quick and easy.  Tomorrow is my day off , so I will let the goods build up for Sunday.   See you then.  IBBY!!!

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