12-17-16 by dave

After that front moved through yesterday, it dropped a lot of very nice Essence on the hill after some sputters and starts the past few days.  The Faithful showed up to get as much of the long awaited deep as possible, and who could blame them.  Reports from the hill were stellar, with tales and pictures of soft, cold, and deep fluffulescence.  With the hill primed to take this new coating you know it was going to be all time.  The temps. were very cold and that kept the product nicely refrigerated, so it kept that early season quality all day long.  You had to know this was in the cards and we were dealt a winning hand.  Now the hill is ready and primed to move into high gear and any additional accumulation will be icing on the cake.  dsc04179On one of my laps on the Tram yesterday, I saw this manifestation that seemed oddly out of place and time.  My good friend Jim Brown passed not long ago, and he was a passionate skier, who lived to be on the hill.  I have known him for decades and he was a Brassiere Magnate- literally- who owned a factory back in NY.  Many of the garments on the underwear tree came from him over the years.  When I saw this on the Tram, I knew it was a sign that he was here with us and enjoying the stoke factor.  It was an interesting and amusing sight and I thought about all the great times we shared on the hill.    Tomorrow, look for more terrain to open, cold temps. to still be holding strong, and amazing snow to play in wall to wall.  With this new cover, many of the features that were issues the other day are no longer in play, but still be cautious as the bigger ones are still in the mix.  I will be back on the hill tomorrow to get the leftovers, and I love leftovers.  IBBY!!!

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