4-04-11 by dave

The report of low accumulation, once again, did not draw the attention of the Faithful, though the Tram line backed up briefly to begin the day.  I did not think that the conditions would be nearly as good as they were, and the faithful probably had the same impression. The trip up the first Tram revealed some very interesting lines, and you had to know that Mineral Basin had not seen a lot of traffic yesterday.  So, what to choose?  A- go for Mineral, B- go for the obvious High North, C-make a Bee line for Little cloud,  D- head out the Traverse for the far reaches, or E- all of the above.  If you chose A, B, C, D, or E you would have, not only been correct, but you would have got the Gold Star, as each choice was a fluffulecent delight, offering knee deep blower turns top to bottom. The cold temps. had preserved the quality, and continued to hold up the softness as the day progressed.  It was only after 1:00PM. that the radiant rays of the Sun began to get around to the West faces.  Of course, the East went South first, followed closely by the South faces, where the fluff became thicker by the minute.  The High North seemed to resist the general deterioration, with those aspects continuing to offer explosive blasts.  The traffic of yesterday worked to bond the new snow to the old layer, which only became scratchy after high traffic wore off the patina.  Tomorrow, be looking for the High North to still be holding some softness, but be aware of the crustiness that will be tough to negotiate until the Sun softens the playing field. The Groomers will be offering ground pounding fun for the vert. crew, and I do not anticipate a rush for the first Tram, so maximum Rock and Roll will be a given.  Be there early for the Super G fun!!!! Peace Out!!

2 Responses to “MULTIPLE CHOICE”

  1. Mark says:

    All of the above!!!

    Don’t know how “far” you meant by “D” but there was “D+” which, if you were willing to work for it, offered fresh tracks of shaded, protected fluffy light stuff until early-aft!

    See you on the SuperG tomorrow……:)

  2. Bari says:

    You are home! SB just isn’t the same if we do not catch a glimpse of Goo on a daily basis. Get (stay) back where you once belong.

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