5-01-12 by dave

It was  very noisy in the trailer as the rain pelted it last night, which translated to a fresh installment on the hill.  Unfortunately, I had to miss today’s festivities to deal with the perturbations from the Galactic Core that was slamming my interface unit, but that is the nature of the beast.  Up on the hill, there was a sparse turn out given the murky morning skies and low report on the web.  My inside source said the upper mountain was offering some creamy cover, with plenty of lines to be found in the peripheral areas.  The lower mountain was sticky and grabby, making the upper elevations the place to stay.  The weather system is slow moving and will remain unsettled for the next bit, so bring the appropriate gear to be able to deal with whatever you find.  The interference patterns have been going away as the traffic has abated largely, but the underlying rumble is still problematic when frozen, so wait till significant softening occurs before venturing off the prepared lines.  I did some poking around here and there, just to see if I could, and I found it unpleasant, except for the smoothest lines.  In the frozen state the off trail can be treacherous, so tread lightly.  I will be on deck for the festivities in the AM., so I will have a first hand look and report. Things on the Galactic front is a different matter, and that does not really affect the snow quality, though maybe a little.   Here is a shot I took the other day with the Sun refracting through the mist, revealing light’s circular nature.   IBBY!!

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  1. 3D says:

    Murky morn, almost fooled into staying down myself… almost. That 4″ at 8:10 was the parking lot…

    Yet another LCC under report. Early warning snatches on the lower 700′ so tramed back up and stayed up. Blue holes from about 9:40 on, plenty of light for Mineral and Littlele Cloud, where we found some blown in pockets of 6″ to 8″ or so.

    We’ve see many deeper days, but none creamier or smoother. Evidently, the snow bonded overnight before it refroze, then insulated it, so no frozen ocean feel underneath. Solitary, still 8-ing my own previous tracks at 12:30-ish.

    Fascinating cloud movement, truly sublime. We’re remarkably blessed.

    B-) 3D

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