3-25-13 by dave

DSC01389There was a mist hanging over the hill this morning, filtering the Sun and making it look ethereal, with fine flakes of Essence falling out of the mist.  It was cold again on the peak at 8 Degrees, and the Groomers were dry and chalky, having been worked to a fair thee well by the Cat Crew.  I did 4 fast laps in Mineral Basin to take advantage of the buffed, vacant carpet, and dial up some speed since my wing is beginning to feel better after 3 weeks.  The Big Smooth had been prepared on the front of the hill, offering a ground pounding extravaganza that exhibited no vestiges of the crunch of the old layer.  Nice!!!  That line was worth lapping as many times as possible before the Forklift Commiseration. The off trail was still soft and winter like, with only the West facing aspects still harboring the underlying crunch.  Interference patterns have been mitigated in most sections, though there are still some signals coming through in the most heavily traveled lines.  Tomorrow, look for the cold to still be holding up in the morning hours, overcast skies to hold the Sun’s rays off the snow pack, full on dry, chalky Groomers to rip on, and off trail lines to still be good to go.  The Sun only came out late in the day, and the heat build up was minimal, so only the South off trail exposures should exhibit much damage, but check around and get a sense for the consistency, as that is the only way to know for sure.  Coverage is good and the Winter vibe is still holding up.  Here is a shot of a snow swell feathering as I was scratching for the outside.  I had to duck dive this one or get sucked over the falls.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!

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