2-10-12 by dave

The weather presenters got it right for the Valley, but missed the nice day up on the hill.  The morning crew was greeted by some serious visibility issues.   The Chef was likening it to a FUZZ TONE on a cheezy 60′ s record, because everything seemed to look FUZZY.   I include this shot of  a tree that illustrates the FUZZ TONE feeling. The snow quality was very nice indeed, with some of the softness accumulated during the past few days leaving the ride smooth and velvety on the Big open Groomers.  The off trail is still quite bouncy, and has not yet begun to mitigate the interference patterns.  The Cirque Traverse is still difficult as you go further down the ridge, so use extra caution on the approach.   I did a lap into the fog in Mineral Basin, just to see how bad the visibility gets, finding very smooth Groomers with some better visibility down low.    Tomorrow, look for the mountain to still be holding the little bit of softness throughout the day.  There are many smooth and reliable lines on many exposures, so look around for the gems that are to be found.   The high traffic areas will still be holding the Interference patterns  without let up.  They are easy to circumvent, but these lines are easily accessible for those who seek out these lines.   Some of the major reefs are beginning to get covered by this recent accumulation, so they will be extremely volatile if you run into them.  Look for the high points, old release zones, and obvious spines to feature these hazards.    I was able to get the Internet connection re established today, but the


Modulation Damper is shot and will need some TLC during my day off tomorrow.  Watch for black ice in the Canyon in the AM.  See you Sunday!!!   Ciao!!

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