3-17-16 by dave

It was overcast, cold and windy this morning as the Northerly flow continued to deliver weather to the hill.  The Morning Crew made an exploratory Lewis and Clark foray, where we found the amazing Groomers had been lightly covered with wind deposited goodness to add just another level of luxury to the Dance Floor.  We just had to make numerous laps back there to get as much of that as we could, and take advantage of the Sun that was poking out through the clouds.  The cold had really preserved the quality of the snow all over the hill despite any aspect considerations, but that old layer was still in play.   The Sun finally broke out all over around Noon, but the cold temps. persisted.  I ran into Elaina, the Mountain Host, who was working the race event on Big Emma.  She was enjoying the Sun after dealing with the weather all morning long.  The Sun was a nice addition to the day’s ambiance and warmed the air just a touch.  DSC03677Tomorrow, look for another day of great conditions on the hill, with fresh machine worked lines that will still be delivering the living room shag quality that was happening today.  The off trail will still be soft and blastable, however, look for that old layer to be problematic on the South facing aspects.  The Sun should be out in full force all day, but cold will still be happening for the morning session, with warming happening later.  Stay ahead of the Sun for the best quality, but all those High North aspect will be good all day long.  I did an interview on Alta Radio with The Locals Project who profiled me two weeks ago.  We talked about the project and their trip up to Jackson where they met great folks who make that place special.  Here is a shot of the event.  DSC03679While leaving the parking lot, I got this shot of Superior which was getting a lot of traffic from those folks who made the trek to that lofty place. DSC03681 You can see the nice turns on the apron below the upper pitches.  Great conditions are happening wall to wall.  See you there for the Winter like lines.  IBBY!!!

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