3-07-17 by dave

Today offered the promise of leftover goodness that was waiting in the wings after yesterday’s variable conditions.  The Groomers were offering excellent lines on the front of the hill during the early hours, and the off trail had become more consistent with yesterday’s traffic that stirred up the wind slab.  Here is a shot of Mineral Basin waiting for go time.  When this area finally opened, the faithful found a wide range of consistency, but for the most part there was deep, high density, Essence that was easy and fun.  There were definitely sections were the wind had scoured the pack, but adjacent lines seemed to be available with just as slight shift in aspect.  The line back there got quite large with the pressure for the goods and the front of the hill became very vacant with walk on Trams.  I took this shot of Old Ladies’ from the top of Gad 2, and you can see that the wind has worked the pack hard, and this area offered a full  range of challenges and bliss, it all depended on aspect.  Clouds moved in later in the afternoon and the lights went out.   Tomorrow, look for overcast skies in the morning, and great Groomers to be offering the Hydro Velvet carpets that will let you explore your inner Ligety!   I will be looking to see if the wind worked up any wind lines overnight. The off trail is becoming stiff and lumpy, but, there are some sections that are offering  good lines that are worth the exploration.  I had the pleasure of riding The Tram with Team Jill, who were all fired up to get the smooth lines that were waiting on the hill.  The choices were myriad, but there were only a couple of first choices, both of which were worth getting fired up about.  I know they got the goods and Jill was just the perfect person to lead the charge.   See you for the morning session.  IBBY!!

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