Late Start

5-06-09 by dave

I had to spend the entire morning waiting for the TRANSMISSIONS  to end.  Can’t they keep it short.  Or more to the point, send them when I am not trying to get to the hill.  Unfortunately my foil hat got used for last nights Bar B Que, so I was wide open.  When I did get to the hill at 11:30 AM the softening was just hitting it’s stride and casual back to back Trams were running with light traffic.  The grooming has gotten even more sparse, leaving the old standbys rumpled and  tricky.  Every thing became approachable by 12:30 PM when the full thaw hit.  There was some high speed runners charging the heavy slush with wild abandon, much like a fresh powder day,  requiring a look over the shoulder during every turn.  I had thought I was done with that annoying necessity… But NO!  The smooth groomers became delightful, during that window between crust and sludge.  I always pretend that I am doing an exotic out of area apron, without the hiking.  Tomorrow should be similar with the snow going off at about the same time.  I am going to be there for first boat, damn the TRANSMISSIONS!!

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