Just Because

5-05-09 by dave

Some times you wake up, look outside , and just know that the day will be a challenge if you go.  Tuesday morning was just such a morning.  I was not too enthused, but there are mere days left of the regular season , so I figured I better go up and do it just because.  Light rain on the Plaza, while waiting for the first Tram, and a shrouded mountain top did nothing to improve the energy level.  However, a contingent of the truly hardy was on hand for the ride up.   Numbering a dozen season hardened warriors, they surveyed the minimal grooming and the possible options.  The wind was blowing briskly on the peak, and the temp. was hanging at 33 degrees, making the precip. just barely snow.  Chips was nice and carvable and the warm temps. made the lower section  soft corn on the groomers only.  Off trail was touchy, though traversable , begging one to bail for the limited grooming areas.  A 20 minute Tram schedual made for perfect timing  for non stop back to backs.  After 11:00AM the time was moved up to 15 minutes with increased traffic.  11: 30 AM  brought a full on rain event which saturated the lower mountain , rendering it glop and glue.  My knees just said NO WAY!!  It was at this juncture that I made my way back to the valley to get stuff done.  With a break in the precip. tomorrow should provide good , uncrowded groomers, so I am down with that.  See you then!!

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