5-23-14 by dave

The Tram is down for the weekend, and the Peruvian Chair was fired up to access Mineral Basin and the Peak.  Out in Mineral Basin, White Diamonds had been given a fresh till, which was just right to start things off.  I kept lapping that sorbet delight until the lower part of the run got a bit soft.  The Road to Provo had also been given a fresh till, which also was a delight.  The melt off during the week did affect some of the exposures, so it got a bit tight in the choke going into the Goblin Gully section, so slow the roll going around that big left hand round house turn there.  Regulator broke around 9:30AM, where the granular goodness was downright perfect.  Here is a shot of the untracked sweet sugar consistency that was on tap there. It was so good I just kept doing laps until the traffic got busy.  Upper Peruvian Gulch opened off the Peruvian Express, with the off trail offering a back country experience complete with sun cupped surfaces, but with a nice soft feel.  It had a bit of rumble going on, but it felt good to get the extra terrain.   Tomorrow, look for more great conditions on the hill, so be sure to get there early for the best of the day.  The first three hours get the best results.  The lower mountain is still good to go, but watch the sections near the shrubberies  and rock bands where you might punch through.  Here is another shot of  the Twins and Little Cloud still holding the great cover.   Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!DSC02144DSC02148

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