6-17-14 by dave

I drove down from the High Desert to get some errands accomplished and get supplies for the next stretch of Cosmic Living.  I have been sweating it up recently, but coming back to the Valley I encountered Winter like storm conditions.  Up on the hill the Essence was making a late accumulation, which seemed to send the Powder Signals around the world.  Here is a shot from my friend Ginnymarie,10338436_10203178025467442_7207264814020920169_o who lives on the Canyon Road up at Alta.  This is the accumulation on her porch this afternoon.  It is still raining here in the Valley, so it is still happening up on the Hill.   The Summer activities have begun up at the resort, with the Tram operating, the Mountain Coaster, and all the other activities that are offered.  Don’t forget to visit the Forklift for the great hospitalityand great food.  I have a couple more days here before I head back up to the High Desert, so perhaps I can get some better shots of this late Essential event.  Stay Frosty!!

3 Responses to “JUNE ESSENCE”

  1. Martin Huebner says:

    Been enjoying the book, Dave !

  2. david hall says:

    When was the last time it snowed this much in June? I lived in Salt Lake for 12 years and don’t ever remember that happening.

  3. dave says:

    The last time that I can remember was the year of ’95 when we had 120” after the resort closed. We skied until July 4th that year. Lots of folks took advantage of the freshness and got some good lines the other day. Have a great Summer.

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