In the thick of it

2-12-09 by dave

The cycle continues and today brought another dusting of goodness.  The early trams were unreal with fresh grooming and 3” of new to frost it.  The cat crew did some interesting shots and rare at that.  The large extremities  are deep and soft.  There where some sporadic snow impulses which sat on certain areas and dumped.   The sun made some appearances but was just finding the windows as the clouds rolled through.  The bumps are beginning to show through with the small , though fantastic, deposits, we will get the next dump soon so , no worries.  I checked west facing and old crunch is only barely there so you can carry the line .  The deep trees in most locations are still very deep and soft.  Some of the more open shots are setting up a touch.   The wind was not playing a large roll today but may overnight with the next installment approaching.  Not too much traffic today with walk on trams for most of the day.  Visibility went all over just depending on where you where.  Real nice when you could see.  There may be canyon concerns in the AM so call on the road.

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