3-10-11 by dave

The Sun was shining brightly this morning, and getting higher in the sky, with the glare requiring  the Sun visor  for the drive up the Canyon.  A brisk South wind was blowing ahead of the next storm moving in.  The Groomers were absolutely spectacular , with a hydrovelvet finish that just stopped the show!!   With the low traffic, back to back Trams were going off quickly, letting the Vert Crew maximize the rapid access.  The Contest was going off, so that added traffic was absent from the cycle.  As the Morning progressed the wind really kicked in, and began to transport the soft snow into the North faces, where the build up actually began to slough with each turn on the steep aspects.  It was amazing how fast things filled in, erasing the tracks as fast as they were made.  The Sun was significantly setting up the fully exposed shots, thickening the consistency markedly.  Be sure to consider the South, West and flat areas that will be crusted up with the dropping temps.  There is snow in the forecast, which will begin to mitigate some of the Sun damage, but keep those marginal aspects in mind during your planning.  Tomorrow. , the Groomers will be going off for sure, and will pay off for some ripping top to bottom laps. With any new accumulation, the North faces will have been continually smoothed by the wind overnight, and will provide the best ride possible.  Remember the Silverfox and Baldy areas remain closed for the contest,  but there is more than enough terrain to make up for that.  Here is a shot I took from the Tram to illustrate the magnitude of the transport accumulating in the Upper Cirque.  Yes, it was really that good!!!   Ciao!!

Heavy Transport

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