12-25-09 by dave

I learned a valuable lesson in using the Hyperspace link.  Do not drink coffee while accessing the link.  By not paying attention, and violating Robot’s Rules of Order, I accidentally sloshed a slurge of coffee, which landed squarely on my keyboard, instantly shorting out the entire system.  There was smoke and not a few sparks when this happened.  The technicians assisting me were aghast, and now my link to the past is problematic at best.  Thus I have been unable to maintain my remote viewing connection with any semblance of accuracy.  I have been able to get these few words out on a Sub Space carrier wave to inform you all of this eventuality.  I will not be able to re establish contact until I make the jump back from the future some time Monday.  I hope you all have had a great time with the new  snow. I am sure that the holiday crowds are in full effect.  I will get back up as soon as I get back through the Gate.   Ciao for now.  IBBY!!

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