12-27-15 by dave

I stepped through the Portal, which opened in the middle of the coral, without even disturbing the horses.  Prickly Pete just looked up and stared and went back to his hay.  Up on the hill it was a different world than when I left.  Lots of new snow was covering the dance floor and new areas were opened.  I got out to Mineral Basin and took a lap out to Lewis and Clark which was really fun and well covered.  The entire Southern section of Mineral Basin is still closed and looks quite wind affected and slabby.  The Road To Provo remains closed, but is looking quite well covered.  Here is a shot of Old Ladies looking smooth and inviting in the Sun.  On the machine worked runs, the firmness is still evident, but there is plenty of dry dust covering the lines toDSC03322make turning a treat.  It is great to have some new cover and fluff to fill out the lines.   I will be looking forward to getting into these fresh areas, but I expect to be challenged by the snow.  Up on the peak, the new Summit opened yesterday and I got a chance to check it out.  It is really stunning.   Here is a shot of the big window view looking at the Twins.  At Noon, this room was DSC03314Packed.  They have a great menu up there and the folks making it all come together really did a nice job with the design and vision for this great venue.  Here are two of the folks that madeDSC03317it all happen. The view out to Mineral Basin is just unreal from the East window. Wow!! I also ran into the Summit Goddesses, who were greeting me as I came through the doors.  Be sure to get one of the Ski Patrol Ts that are available right as you walk in the door.  Such a great space.  DSC03313Tomorrow, look for a dry weather system to move through, bringing clouds and some wind.  The Groomers will be the place to be as the off trail is still a bit punchy, but is becoming more consistent as it gets skied. I will be looking a bit further afield tomorrow, to see what is going on off trail.  Last time out, I found things to be much more realistic, and with all this new snow I was able to break out my new skis.  See you there for the early laps.  Peace Out!!

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