4-12-14 by dave

The precipitation that was forecast did not materialize today, but the high overcast did cover the Sun, making the light flat.  The continued warm temps did warm the product as the day progressed.  The usual thaw progression that we have been observing all week was still in play, and the Mineral Basin was the place to be for the first of the day.  The Sun did seem to penetrate the cloud deck, improving the visibility from time to time.  Tomorrow, look for the precipitation to have moved into the Front, though it will be intermittent throughout the day.  I am going to dress for weather and hope for the best, but I will be looking for the tenderized lines for the morning session, as I don’t think we can count on the Sun to do too much.  We will just have to see how it shakes out.  Off trail will be interesting, so test the water carefully.  Here is a shot of Pagan Bowl looking so inviting.  It faces North East and holds the snow the longest.  See you for the morning fun.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!DSC02033

2 Responses to “HIGH OVERCAST”

  1. Rob says:

    Where is Pagan Bowl?

  2. dave says:

    Pagan Bowl is the area beyond the Sunday Cliffs and outside the area boundary. You have to hike back up to the Mineral Lift if you venture there. It faces North East and holds some very nice snow, and it is quite steep at the top.

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