3-27-12 by dave

After yesterday’s blustery installment, that left the hill very lightly worked over, where the wind continued to fill the low areas with dense graupel, a clear bright Sun  illuminated the  dance floor.  Another lightly attended morning session left the lines vacant for the few faithful, who were able to dial in the multitude of pristine lines with no pressure.   Granted there was only 4 to 5” of Essence on the hill , but the wind filled in select areas a bit more deeply.  Here is a shot I took on the fly of the Bookends that had been visited by the pre public crew.  Still there were plenty of lines to chose from.  The bottom was fully in play, cushioned only by the dense material, so going for the smooth lines reaped the best ride.  The sections that had been worked into a frozen froth delivered some very difficult variations, deflecting each turn with sharp, impacting contact with the high points.  Still, it was a very fun morning, with many fresh lines to access well toward Noon.  Clouds moved in as the day developed, dropping the temps, which preserved the quality of the snow that would have turned to glop without the break in the Sun damage department.   Tomorrow, look for the the High North sections to still be holding the sugar delight that remained after the closing bell, the Groomers to have been reworked to further massage the new product into the mat, and perhaps another morning of left over nuggets.  Be sure to watch the over worked sections of old crud, that are really difficult to negotiate with the solid frozen rumble underneath the new installment.  These were

Smooth lines

easy to spot when it was fresh, but the details were blurred by the traffic, so be aware of that little detail in line choice.  See you there,  Peace Out!!

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