2-25-14 by dave

Unseasonably warm temps greeted the morning crew as the Sun was clear and getting higher in the sky.  The Groomers were offering some very sweet lines, especially the fresh tills out in Mineral Basin that were steep and smooth.  Long before the Mineral Chair, we used to salivate over the terrain we are skiing now.   I always keep that in the back of my mind when I am working those big lines and getting a quick lift out.  It feels like big mountain goodness with lift service.  The off trail was beginning to set up as the warm temps have affected the direct aspects and  South faces should be avoided in the AM until they soften later in the day.  The High North is still holding some of the smooth lines, but the high traffic lines are becoming riddled with interference patterns as the solidity is breaking down.  Coverage continues to be very good despite the warm temps, and options all over the hill will still be good to go, but an eye to aspect is everything.  Tomorrow, look for another Sunny day with warm afternoon temps.  I dressed for a cool morning and dressed down as things warmed up.  The Groomers will be good to go top to bottom.  Be sure to look at the Grooming report for fresh lines that might be buffed out.  Now that we have more snow,DSC01870 the chances are getting better that some surprise drop will get the nod.  Here is a shot of the clouds parting, revealing the Sun that was being obscured by the afternoon clouds.  Those clouds will probably build up again tomorrow as well.  See you there for the morning rock fest.  IBBY!!

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