1-25-12 by dave

This morning offered the very first time the consistency factor hit 100% on the Groomed runs.  Even with my woefully tatered skis, I felt like I had a race ready tune, as the hydrovelvet felt like a deep pile shag top to bottom.  I actually got to dig deep and stand on the ski with a bit of audacity.  The wind was nuking out of the North, clearing the cloud cover off the peak as the first Tram arrived.  The Cirque Traverse was open for the first time this morning, with mixed reviews coming from the recon squad.  Wilbre Bowl looked like it was working well, though the entrance and upper section was reported to be thin and sketchy.  I am still going to wait for another installment until I venture out there, due to the extensive sections where the snow pack released,leaving just the thin layer below.  Over all, I think it is good to go out there with some care, but expect some features to negotiate here and there.  The stiff North wind was filling in some of the sections with transported goodness, making some of the off trail, special indeed.  It took a bit of exploration, but rewards were easy to find.  Tomorrow, look for continued smooth grooming, however the warm afternoon temps. thickened the lower elevation slopes, so there may be some crispiness to the mat first thing.  Perhaps we will see Mineral tomorrow. I did not hear any chatter about it today, and the wind was transporting a lot of snow back there, so it will be interesting to get a look soon. The mountain is beginning to come together, so  tomorrow will be  a blast!!   IBBY!!

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