5-28-11 by dave

Slight though it might have been, the impulse that moved through yesterday evening, produced between a half inch and 4 inches of dense fresh essence, which skied with variable quality depending on the surface underneath.  The Groomers were a touch on the firm side with the new on top, and were silky smooth as long as they were untracked, but they became a bit more touchy as they got cut up.  Mineral Basin offered some smooth lines , that were only diminished by the crusty rumble underneath.  I was using my ” ON EGG SHELLS” technique to mitigate the rumble, and to deal with the punchablity factor.  The North faces seemed the deepest, though the crust there was just barely holding until10:00AM, when the brisk, though above freezing temps. gave way to a thicker consistency, especially on the lower third of the hill.  The High West and North faces. held off the longest, so remaining up on Little Cloud was advised to avoid the torsionally challenging lower mountain.  Look for additional accumulation tonight that will cover all the debris from today, which was significant, and may produce some surprises as you navigate the hill.  The BIG ones are obvious, it is the small rollers that are ubiquitous.  Check the main site for availability, as any significant accumulation will require control, so an 8:00AM sharp opening is variable.  Here is a shot of the fresh cover out in Mineral Basin, which is still fully fat and going off first.  See you there in the AM.  Peace Out!

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  1. Dave,

    Although we’ve met and I read your blog, I’ve never given a shout-out to ya’ for all the great copy you produce.

    I gotta’ tell ya Dave, your intel on the day today, was dead center target (as usual) as to the conditions and the timing of the conditions for the day. I always enjoy reading your blogs. They offer amazingly accurate conditions, forcasts and predictions, as well as give the reader insightful infomation about varous things to consider while we are out in the snow. For instance, today you remind us to look out for “surprises” lurking just under the new snow and reminde us that the resort might be slow to open and that control work may need to be done.

    I really do enjoy your posts. If I’ve been away for a few days, and don’t have my own personal intel on the day before, your blog keeps me up to date and lets me know before I leave, what to expect.

    Thanks Again, for all of the help and guidence you have provided to me over the past few years. Thanks also for all of the great pictures.


    Jeff Katsilas
    Locker 196 Tram Plaza

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