11-25-09 by dave

Wednesday morning was clear and a tad brisk with a light attendance for first chair.  The day would be warming slowly as the sun goes higher in the sky.  Freshies were available for first chairs underneath each snow gun all the way down the hill.  A real treat to get some untracked goodness  with no natural new snow, but untracked non the less, and it was sweet. 5 or 6 turns was all that you could put in there,  but you can’t argue with a dessert topping turn.  Also, the left hand side of the groomers is favored for the  softest and consistent snow during  the morning sessions.  The kids are out of school and were making their presence known, so be looking over your shoulder for the fast movers.  Thursday is still looking like the first Tram day so be careful if you go up high.  For my part I will be doing the Thanks Giving thing in Idaho so I will be reporting via remote viewing.  Happy Turkey day!!!

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