2-22-16 by dave

A fresh installment of some medium density product covered the hill, with continued flurries that lasted all day long.  Visibility was very variable from time to time as clouds moved over the hill.  I went to check out Lewis and Clark, which was offering untouched fresh lines that were best on the Groomed lines.  Off trail was sporting some crunch that made the ride less than smooth and consistent.  On the front of the Hill, big smooth prepared lines were a real treat with such nice cushion over the corduroy.   High North aspects were offering still smooth lines, but there was some residual static from yesterday that kept you dealing with the variations.  As the day progressed, a tiles and piles consistency began to develop on the groomed runs and a round deliberate approach went a long way toward smoothing out the transitions.  Here is a shot of the Subaru that is parked on the Plaza with a happy smile drawn in the fresh accumulation.  DSC03588Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to have fallen overnight, which will add another layer of cushion on the dance floor.  We will have to see how the weather shakes out, but I will be dressing for cold and will be looking for those smooth lines to be the place to lay down some big arcing lines.  There are still lots of good aspects to check out, but be wary of those due South exposures that have not received quite enough cover to mitigate the gnar.   See you there for those morning explorations to the far reaches in search of the goods.  Straight Ahead!!

4 Responses to “FRESH INSTALLMENT”

  1. thiel says:

    Variable from time to time?

  2. dave says:

    Yeah, there was a constant flow of clouds and flurries with even a couple of Sun shine spots on Regulator. It was hard to pin down, but over all I got tired of dealing with the murk and called it around 3:00PM Some of the time it was just plain Zero Zero, but then I was hugging the trees for reference.

  3. Carole Livingston says:

    I am off to the desert tomorrow to 80 degree + temps

  4. james says:

    Where is Louis and Clark. I have not been able to find that as a named run.

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