1-04-14 by dave

Some freshness fell overnight delivering some much needed cover. Mineral Basin was the place to look as the flow seemed to favor that side.  Of course you had to know from previous days where the smooth lines were, as there really was not enough to cushion the larger surface rumble features.   The clouds held on to the peaks for most of the day, and I expect the visibility was variable.  Off trail was said to be challenging with some of the West faces particularly interesting.  As this new snow gets worked into the old surface, the conditions will improve as we get some bonding.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to offer a much improved feel, and the sides of the trails to have just a bit extra if the wind moves some of the freshness overnight.  Mineral Basin will be offering the morning dance frenzy,DSC01712 with little  traffic for the morning session.  Be sure to watch the Black Ice in the canyon going both up and down.   It has been lurking lately, so be aware of that.  I will be back on the hill tomorrow and will have a more detailed report.  Here is a shot I took the other day during my exploratory out to Tiger Tail.  This area will be happening soon.  Yum!!   IBBY!!!

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