4-12-12 by dave

A fantastic installment of fresh Essence was delivered to the hill overnight, or should I say, early this morning, as the real intensity did not commence until a couple hours before opening.  The faithful were treated to a luxurious dose that carried a lot of water, which made the hard frozen slush underneath a non issue.  Had the density been lighter, it would have been a totally different situation.  I just barely hit the bottom on the entire first run.  Face shots were blasting up with the sumptuous offering, making it seem more like Winter than deep Spring.  This, however, is the Wasatch, and April can serve up this kind of wonder regularly, which is something I count on.   I have skied some of the deepest days on the 28th of April with no one around.  Well, the Faithful were there in force and getting all of it as fast as they could, so that by 12:00 Noon things were skied out and the vague rays of the Sun were beginning to bake the product quickly.  I had to give it up at 1:00PM to save my knees from a serious ripping.   There is another wave of weather is coming through overnight, so today’s instalment will provide a very nice first coat for further accumulation.  Tomorrow, look for more freshness to be covering the hill for another day of Spring time Powder.  The bottom crunch was beginning to show through after it had been worked over, though I think that the crunch factor will be but a memory for the morning crew.  One note of caution, which I found out the hard way, is to watch the high points and sections close to the rocks, as there are some ledgy reefs that had melted off.   Core shots can be repaired though, but just keep an eye out.  Here is another shot of that wave from deep inside the pit, where you know you will not make it out.  Doh!!!    IBBY!!

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