4-14-13 by dave

There was just a skiff in the parking lot this morning, and the report was only logging 3”, so it seemed that it was going to be a thin cover.  Up on the hill the wind had distributed the new product, loading into the low hollows, low angle sections, and lea exposures, where there were lines that were fully boot top deep with 10% Winter goodness.  What a treat.  The Peak temp was 12 Degrees as the first Tram docked with a stout wind blowing, making it feel February cold.  Mineral Basin was offering some of the best lines on the hill, all bathed in bright Sunlight, and with the cold air, kept the quality going well after Noon.  Here is a shot of the wide expanse off the Baldy Express, where the Lewis and Clark lines were offering sweet turns and no traffic.  On the front of the hill, the High North had lines that were just begging to be tasted and, again, the cold air kept the quality Winter fresh.  The Groomers were covered with wind transported dusting, and a nice dry chalky feel that was punctuated by the excellent machine worked lines that stood up to the traffic and Sun.  Tomorrow, look for the High North to still be holding the cold, the Groomers to still be maintaining the quality, though there might be a bit of crunch down low.  The off trail, on the Lower Mountain,DSC01446 is still going to be tricky as the 3” did not do much to cushion the ride, with the old crusty rumble still in play.  Storm clouds are moving in tonight ahead of the next system that is winding up to deliver more Winter goodness to keep the party going.  See you for the first Tram fun!!!   Syrup won’t stop ‘Em!!

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