3-13-10 by dave

It seems that when there is race scheduled that it snows just for the occasion, and Saturday was no exception.  The snow was falling briskly all day here at the Communications Trailer , much like the messages from The Big Giant Head that were down loading despite  a double layer on my tinfoil hat.  I am exhausted from that ordeal.   New snow on the hill is always welcome and can only improve the conditions that were already good.  This will be perfect for the Free Ride competition that is to be held this week end.  The weather just predicted snow through the night and into tomorrow, guaranteeing great snow for the AM.  Be sure to check the canyon status for accessibility before heading up.  The Patrol has been really quick getting sections open for us, so I anticipate all the aspects to be ready for fun.  The crunchy bottom crust should be getting less prevalent, and the entrances to those sketchy shots will be much more realistic with this added product.  All sections are good to go with the base over 1oo”, so this is the time to let fly.  I will be back with a first hand account for tomorrow.  See you in the AM.   Ta!

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