4-06-12 by dave

The report said 3” this morning, and that just did not register with the faithful, who looked out their windows and saw just a skiff on the lawn and went back to bed.  The depth in the parking lot at 9:30 AM, when I parked, was all of 12” and snowing so hard I could not believe it.  Up on the hill there was fully 15” plus  of some of the most sumptuous Essence on certain aspects.  The frozen crust underneath the new installment was fully in play as the density was light enough , even with the added depth, to keep the crunch factor just a nuisance.  The wind was blowing hard and the snow was falling harder, keeping the accumulation fresh and cold.  There were walk on Trams all day with the fake out of the report, so you could take advantage of the casual pace.  Upper Great Scott was looking much better today after the wind had blown more of the product into the shot, but those large bump sections were still making the entrance a bit tricky.  The snow kept falling until around 2:30PM when the Sun came out briefly before another lake effect impulse moved in.  Here is a shot I took of a cool wind wave that I just happened to  pass by as the Sun popped out.   Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be really plush with the new material to work with, the off trail still should be soft and blastable until the Sun begins to work the new snow over, and the traffic to still be on the moderate side.   Stay ahead of the Sun to get most of the softness, and keep in mind the under lying crunch that will still be in play, though the consistency got better as it go skied out.   My day off will find me realigning the antenna array that was so worked by the wind this week.  See you Sunday!  IBBY!!!


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  1. Great report Dave! Look for some deeper powder by next weekend and stay tuned to

  2. Mark says:

    Dave, sorry to miss you today……….Got over to Gad 2 and couldn’t get off, just incredible, especially after patrol put lower Tigertail into play. Got fresh tracks til 4pm. What a day!

  3. 3D says:

    What’s often amazing is how damned near anything here can be fixed overnight. Thought I’d come up for just a couple hours of the usual – for this season – few inches of fresh with a few feet of wind on a frozen ocean. 6 hours, plus about 3 or 4 “last runs” later… Always love LCC reporting… B-)

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