4-29-10 by dave

Well, well, well, the Storm Chaser called it all right, so PROPS should be given to his keen insight in nailing Thursday and Friday as the days to be where you need to be.  The early morning Trams were fairly easy loading, but with the TWITTERS, TEXT MESSAGING, and CELL PHONE alerts going off it was not long before the faithful began arriving in force to sample the knee to thigh deep wonder of the Lake Effect Fluffulecence  that was cleverly disguised as 4” on the report.  That would explain the light turn out for the opening bell.  It was snowing so hard that visibility was an issue top to bottom.  The wind was blowing out of the North West filling the  respective aspects with super deep accumulation.  The light density did little to buffer the crunchy bottom, though the shear depth made that little feature a non issue.  With the solid base accumulation, all of the entrances are still good to go, and the traverses are still well covered making accessing the shots off the traverse quick and easy.  The storm kept pumping  in the product, enriching the quantity and quality continually as the day wore on.   The solid traffic will have helped bond the new product with the old layer improving the ride for the morning.  The Canyon road will be close at 6:00Am tomorrow morning for control work, and  my INTER GALACTIC DEFENSE connection has told me that they will attempt to re open the Peruvian chair to help with the demand for the late season mid winter quality sauce.  The forecast looks to be bringing more of the Lake Effect goodness for us, so look for another incredible day of Utah’s finest.  I spoke with numerous folks from the East, who had never been here before,  asking if this was spring skiing.  I had to tell them it was indeed spring skiing but with full winter tastiness.  I hope they were able to find their way around the hill, what with the marginal visibility.  Be sure to check the road report, before heading up in the morning, for access updates.  POWDER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

3 Responses to “DDDEEEP!!”

  1. Kyle Wagstaff says:

    Parley’s westbound had a huge accident this morning about 7:30, so all of us Park City faithful were stuck in traffic at the opening bell. That might explain some of the late arrival times.
    I looked for you today to say “hi”, but I could barely see my hand in front of my face. In fact, it’s entirely possible I wasn’t even skiing at Snowbird for long stretches–who could tell? Thank goodness for soft landings. But what I could FEEL my skis gliding through today (sometimes you just have to use “The Force”, you know) in 9 glorious runs was amazing–see ya tomorrow!

  2. Bari Levine says:

    “Lake Effect Fluffulecence???” Where did you pull that one out of?

  3. Brian Hill says:

    I have to agree… the Fluffulecence is a great word and needs to be added to Funk and Wagnall or whatever it is… It is very much like my word subrifulous. To be subrifulous (su-brif-u-lous) is like having the good luck to ski the fluffulecence or being really f*&#ing lucky enough just to live here and have it in your back yard. W O W …

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