3-19-16 by dave

It was a clear cold morning with a sky that was a super dark blue.  It is always a stunning sight contrasted with the snow covered peaks and bowls.  The Groomers were still offering the smooth carpets of corduroy, with the Sun lighting the Mineral Basin for the morning session.  Here is a shot of the Bookends looking smooth, phat, and steep.  DSC03651The overall cold temps. are still keeping the High North off trail dry and chalky, with easy turns in the softness.   On other aspects you can expect to find some variability in consistency, but it is fun to do the explorations to challenge your route finding.  Interference patterns continue to build, however, the amplitude is low and the lines are easy to manage.  As the day warmed up the usual aspects began to get hit by the Sun and the ambient warmth, which made those firm lines a bit softer.   Tomorrow, look for another cool start to the day, with a bit firmer consistency on the South and West facing aspects, however, follow the Sun and they will come around when they break.  I will be on the hill again tomorrow to get a first hand look at the outlying sections to see just how much the warming is morphing the pack.  See for the opening bell.  Stay Frosty!!

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