3-19-10 by dave

Several new inches of freshness greeted those who made it up today.  The first several runs of untracked were good on the groomed runs where the smoothness assisted the ride.  Off trail,was another story entirely, with the crusty texture fully in play.  The North facing aspects offered the best options, with most other shots being difficult at best.  The visibility did not help matters where fog and snow showers obscured the sight lines.   Later in the morning the Sun began peaking through improving that problem with large windows of sunshine moving through.  I took advantage of a large window in Mineral Basin, that I saw open from the Tram, finding good carving on the groomer.  Again, off the beaten path was replete with very rough pack underneath the new snow, sending me back to the front of the hill where I took advantage of the light Tram line and longer runs.  The Fork lift Chair was  a welcome place to rest my knees, which had taken a beating all morning.  I must admit that I made it a short day in consideration of the conditions and the fatigue that my knees were  signaling.  Snow showers continued all day long and are still falling here in the valley this late afternoon.   This will give us a bit more for tomorrow and every little bit helps.  I am glad for the contestants participating in the Freeride  Comp. this week end, which will be held on North West Baldy.  This exposure has avoided most of the Sun, and with the new snow will be a great venue providing excellent sight lines and bright sunny definition.   Be sure to take in the runs these folks put down.  Past demonstrations have been incredible and well worth the time taken to watch.  I will be making a special effort to get up and watch the Comp., so I’ll see you there.  Ciao!!!

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  1. greg moore says:

    dude , have seen you around for years, talked a few times but i wanted to ask you to helpmake others aware of the constant threat to pot smokers and car drinkers in snowbird parking lots and in trees on mountain. m from cali and some friends were in my car by the parking garage and the feds stopped and made them allow them to search woth dogs the whole nine yards. there were some empty beer cans from the morning trash, a machete from my trip to mazatlan, dude they wrote him a ticket for concealed weapons, open containers and possession. tell me what other ski resort west of mississippiu would care. I love your mountian almost as much as my beach out front of my house and I love dick bass and all but those feds are ruining it for many who thought they found utopia and then wham, FYI Greg Moore

  2. Fred says:

    Hey Dave,

    Coming out for 5 days starting March 28. Will try to say hello.

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