3-08-11 by dave


Today’s unfoldment reached critical mass on so many levels.  There was an explosion of insane Essence, explosion of the Faithful, and an explosion of high energy shralpage wall to wall.  The Canyon closure backed the traffic up to the freeway, enabling the few folks who happened to be on hand for first Trams to partake of some of the very best, and deepest, Essential accumulation of the season.  This was truly as good as it gets, and I can not think of any possible condition that could transcend it.  Deeper…? No!  Lighter….? maybe, but that did not matter!!,  Sunnier….? Not a chance.   Wow!!! no demerits on the scale on any level.  Mineral Basin opened shortly after the front got worked, sending the seekers to mine the Essence out there, backing that chair up as much as I have ever seen it.  Little Cloud opened later, which was consumed by the hungry seekers in the time it took me to ride up the Little Cloud chair, as I was getting on just as the rope dropped.  The day remained cold, preserving the quality all day long.  Only the most directly exposed shots took the heat and began to set up.  The Harbor Chop built up on the high traffic areas in a frenetic froth, sending me of to the far reaches looking for some respite from the relentless rumble.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be absolutely stellar top to bottom.  The off trail will continue to be very nice, though those South facing aspects might present some crutulation to negotiate.    Powder Paradise remained closed, so that is still in full powder play for the morning session.  I think the traffic will have backed off, so there will be a much more relaxed pace .  Here is a shot of Little Cloud just before the rope dropped, with the wind developed waves that were not in the least set up.  They blew up with explosive intensity.  Yummm!!!  Ciao!!!

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