Counting The Days

5-03-09 by dave

Sunday morning looked dubious, but as the days of the season dwindle down,  I am motivated to get as much as I can.  Light snow was falling for first Tram, and a fair turn out was on hand to get the new snow that had fallen overnight.  I opted for the Regulator groomer to begin and tested the quality off trail on the way down, finding the density high and very grabby.  My knees were screaming  “HELP ME PLEASE”, so I made my way back to the buffed, which was thick, but consistent.  The  Second run found upper Peruvian about 6” deep and held my ski like a vice.  Again I promptly bailed for the groomers, which were getting a very sticky addition of rapidly falling snow.  I had to call it macaroni to avoid injury, and found the Forklift Chair to be delightful.  The sun made an appearance as the morning progressed, morphing the snow to a more skiable consistency.  The Tram line built up briefly as the faithful arrived finding fun where they could and I wished them well,  but I felt good about my decision to call it.  The over all complexion of the hill has smoothed out on most exposures and the bumps are hard to find.  It looks like the weather will be unsettled for the next while , keeping the conditions difficult to predict.  I am going to keep up the attempts until the DARK SIDE of the FORCE calls me off planet.  See you on first Tram Monday!!

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