3-21-10 by dave

The world Extreme Skiing Championship finals was being held today on North West Baldy with the best talent from around the world.  Bright Sun and cool temps provided a perfect situation for this event.  The snow has maintained its light quality courtesy of the cold Northerly flow, which has been keeping the conditions winter like despite the bright Sun.   Today was warmer by 15 degrees, though I was still going with hat and goggles to ward off the Ice Cream Headache.  The mountain was skiing very nicely on the North side of the Hill with softness on the High North aspects.  The groomers were also very velvety and carve-able, with Regulator sporting edge-able smoothness  and continuing all the way down Emma where a re-tilling effort gave the shot fair traction.  I did not get out to Mineral Basin, but I am sure there was great conditions on the prepared sections, though the Sun was sure to be working the direct exposures.  Tomorrow look for continued good quality on the North facing and I anticipate fairly low traffic as well with the events over for the week.  There is a call for a brush by in the next few days, so we may get to keep the winter going just a while longer.  Perhaps we will get another scenario similar to last year’s March April dumps.   Here’s hoping.  On a personal note, I have been called back to the Home Planet for next week, but I will still try to post as I can.  I will, however, be back with the first hand accounts, so please stay tuned.   Thanks for all the good vibes.  Peace Out!!!

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  1. Mike Moskowirz says:


    Wish I could have been at the Bird more this year, but family sucked me away. Hope all is well, I read your posts often. Ricolla!!

    Mike Moskowitz “Mosk”

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