1-14-12 by dave

It was a beautiful morning, with clear skies, and a hot cup of coffee to give my foot a push.  I got to sit down and look at the weather prospects, and it is looking like we are going to see a significant change in the pattern.  All of the chatter is fairly encouraging.   Any addition will be welcome, but a solid cycle would not hurt.  We can expect continued firmness as in the past, and if the high clouds move in ahead, the light could be a bit flat.  Keep in mind that the bottom of Regulator is getting tougher to dump speed when you are going into the turn, so be aware of that and get the turn over with early.  The Gobblin Gully section coming out of LItte Cloud is very sketchy,  with a lot of rocks, abrupt bumps, and little options on the sides.  It is best to go over to Hoopie’s and by pass that section.  Tomorrow, look for the early Trams to be kicking it out, and Mineral Basin is going to be worth looking at again, especially in anticipation of snow.  It is best to know where those reefs are now.   I am looking forward to getting back on the hill,  see you on the first Boat!!

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