9-04-16 by dave

After a very warm week, the temps plummeted and a real feel of Fall was in the air, with the colors changing up on the hill.  While there was an overcast morning, the sky cleared off a bit and made for a great day for the Oktoberfest activities.   Connie and I took a Tram to the peak where the festivities were going on as well.  We met a very nice couple who were checking out the Mountain Bike Single Track for the first time and were excited about the day.  With the cool temps and clear air, I am sure they had a great descent and perhaps might get another lap. DSC04000  I rarely put a picture of myself, but these folks took this shot of Connie and myself, so I thought I would add this to the post to commemorate our fun time at the Bird today.  DSC04003With the changing Fall colors it won’t be long until we are back on the hill sliding in the fresh Essence that is sure to come.  While it always seems like a long time to wait for the snow to fall a look at the Twins, with it’s sedimentary layers  illustrating the very long span of time that it represents, it will be just a blink on an eye till the first Tram of the season moves up the hill. DSC04001Soon the Twins will be covered with snow and the hill will take on a whole other complexion.  Still, it is fun to look at the terrain and know what it is that we slide over and really never touch the ground.  The Oktoberfest crowd was really building as we left at 2:00PM., and the line of cars was wall to wall all the way up the Canyon and beyond.  Where they were going to put them all I don’t know, but it is a great event and a great time to get up into the mountains and feel the energy.  The festivities will be going off again tomorrow, so get up there for the fun and start early for the best parking.  IBBY!!

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