2-29-16 by dave

It looked like there was going to be clearing today, but the clouds just intensified and hung on the peak, making the visibility quite variable.  Out in Mineral Basin, there were glimpses of Sunshine here and there, but overall the light was flat and details were at a premium.  On the front of the hill, visibility was not much better on the top of the hill, but did improve as you got down lower.  Staying with the trees gave some reference points and reflected a bit of light on the slope.  The groomers were consistent and smooth, and you could trust the line to be good to go.  That went a long way in making the laps fast and fun, even if it was a guessing game.  I stopped in to the Summit on Hidden Peak for a quick break and just had to get this shot of the curved wood work that lives up on the second level.  There are so many details in the wood work in this building, and I just love getting a close look at the fit and finish here.  DSC03409Cold temps. kept all the frozen lines from softening, but there was just a light trace of snow that seemed to improve the traction.  On lower Who Done It, the Grooming job had not solidified and offered a deep granular quality that made me slow down and dig deep into each turn to extract every erg of goodness.  Tomorrow, look for partly cloudy skies, continued cold temps. for the morning session, and excellent lines on the Groomed runs.  The High North aspects are still offering naturally smooth lines after days of being worked and buffed by the traffic.  I will be looking there for a bit more focused turns.   The snow is great overall and excellent lines are easy to find all over the hill with just a bit of looking.  IBBY!!

4 Responses to “COLDER TEMPS.”

  1. thiel says:

    Dave…probably the worst day of the year…tomorrow will be better…suggest everyone bring their racing skiis…personally I will bring my 77 under foot…good time to visit the summit and say hi to my wife, gloria, who cashiers up there and will always greet you with a smile…good on you brother…

  2. Tom and Betty says:


    You noticed that little trace of snow that gave some traction, which was all the grab available as the light went.

    The day lightened as the hours past, and overall not a bad day, with a few sucker holes to really show the way.

    Certainly, the rime days of the recent past were a lot worse by far.


  3. james says:

    Hi Dave what is IBBY?
    thank you James.

  4. dave says:

    IBBY stands for I’ll Be Blasting You. It is a obscure reference to taking one’s leave that goes back to the early space age when I was a kid. Major Mudd, a cartoon show host, would sign off with that in his flight suit and helmet. Rocket ON!!

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