5-05-12 by dave

A cold front moved through last night, but did not leave any accumulation.   I took the day off to rest my knees from last weeks spring fest, and back to back tram pace.  The cold morning and cloud shrouded peaks did not motivate me from taking the day of rest.   The thaw was probably very slow in coming, so the timing of the past week was not working out, but the cold air helped slow the melt.  There was music on the Plaza this afternoon, so the festivities are happening in fine form.  I am sorry I missed the band, as I so love the music on the Plaza.  Tomorrow, look for a return to the spring timing, though I bet it is going to be a bit slower still.  Mineral Basin might also prove to be a bit crispy in the AM, but I will just have to hit it on first Tram just to see if I am correct.  I can always ride the Forklift Chair until softening occurs.  Here is a shot of the clouds moving off the peak the other morning, just when I thought it was going to be murky the clouds shredded and left a beautiful morning.  Goes to show, you never know till you go.   See you for the crispy runs in the AM.    IBBY!!

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