6-17-11 by dave

A fast moving cold front moved through the region, freezing the snow pack deeply for this Friday morning.  The Groomers had been tenderized on the Front Side and Mineral Basin areas to give an edge for the early risers.   The Eastern Mineral Basin  exposure responded to the tenderizing by softening first.  The Front Side was going to take a while to break.  I took advantage of this window to visit the Forklift Chair and let some softening occur.  At 9:30 AM there was the beginnings of the break in the freeze.  The off trail was really sun cupped and was going to have to wait for significant softening to mitigate the rumble.  The Groomers were the place to be, as they offered some very nice corn consistency, though there were some longitudinal ruts that needed to be negotiated.  With the melt down, the snow pack is shrink wrapping to the underlying terrain contours, which can produce some radical variations where there had been smoothness last week.  I came rolling off Anderson’s hill a bit too quick and got surprised by a 4′ depression that traversed the run out.  Yikes!!  There are more open holes developing in various locations, so be aware of these as they could be tricky at best.


With the hard freeze, the hill held up for much longer overall, but the stickiness finally made the bottom of the hill tough to deal with the constant drag feature.   I was slowing way down as I got into the glop to avoid the slam dunk that was lurking with too much speed.   Tomorrow, look for a lighter freeze, with another 9:30 AM beginning break.  Mineral Basin will go off first, and get too soft quickly.  Following the Sun in key, with the West facing going off last.  Stay high as the day progresses to avoid the severe stickiness on the bottom half of the hill.  Here is a shot of the off trail damage due to slide debris and the dust concentration on the surface.  See you on first Tram.   IBBY!!!

3 Responses to “COLD FRONT”

  1. Jungnite Helper says:

    Another beautiful day at Snowbird. Snow held up for 4 Minerals and 4 Little Cloud’s. Got alittle sticky on the return traverse at the bottom of Harper’s – about high noon. An overnight freeze and we’ll be there for tomorrow.
    Dave, thanks for the optimism of another freeze.

  2. Leslie says:

    Dave. Just looked at Sundays forecast. Rain snow. What do think will tommarrow suck or what. Let me be clear a suckE day on the slopes is still better then a good day of …… Will u can fill in the rest

  3. dave says:

    I think tomorrow will be challenging. Go for it, but plan on dressing for it. Could be some fresh in the AM!!

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