12-15-14 by dave

The air was clear an cold this morning as the first Tram hit the peak.  The Sun was coming up, but the light on those first few was dark.  The recent installment has been worked into the Groomers which has set up fairly tightly.   The off trail was offering some nice lines if you went out looking, and the feel is still consistent and has not become crusty yet.  The Cat Tracks are much better now, and moving through the lower Peruvian Gulch is so much improved that I made the majority of my runs today over there.  The highlight was the Mid Cirque apron that was just like the living room shag.  Just perfect.  Here is a shot that Neil sent of Regulator looking steep in the morning light.  -76The additional recent accumulation has really helped the coverage.  In the next while more terrain will be opening.  Here is a shot of Silver Dipper looking mighty inviting.  That is one of my favorite shots on the hill.  Top to bottom, hard to beat.DSC02354Tomorrow, look for some overcast which is coming out ahead of another impulse.  The Groomers will be good to go, though those upper sections might be a bit on the firm side. Look for the Gun Powder under the guns for the nice carvy sweetness.  This  morning offered some stellar deposits of of Silk.  Look for those little pockets of buff in the AM.  Traffic is light and fast laps will be fun to make.  See you for the morning laps.  Don’t forget to SZZL!!

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