6-11-17 by dave

It was the last day of the ski season and another big day of Brewfest, with tons of craft beers on tap for the Faithful. Up on the hill, there had been an overnight freeze and the early runs were very crispy and the West facing aspects were going to take quite a while to break.  I went looking for those aspects that saw the Sun earliest in the morning and found nicely softened corn goodness on steep lines that were a treat this late in the season.  Here is another shot I took today of the snake run that was etched into the pack during this weekend.  I like the way the Sun was setting up the shadows on the turns to give it that high relief.  The energy was high and everyone was having a good time, but I took another long traverse and did an Election line that was smooth and  silky smooth.  Tomorrow, I will be back fighting the Dark Matter Wars where there is increased pressure to advance the lines, so it will be a long Summer.  Look for a season wrap up in the next few days once I can gather together the threads of thought.  Enjoy The Summer and look for all the fun Summer events on tap at the Bird.  IBBY!!

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