5-03-12 by dave

It was another beautiful morning, even though there were clouds hanging over the Valley, making it appear that it was going to be gloomy.  The front of the hill was frozen solid, helped only by the tenderizing efforts, which made Mineral Basin the go to place to get the goods in the back that were smooth and unpressured.  The Tram was running on a twenty minute schedule, so you could lap a back to back with no problem, but the back was so good there was no reason to deal with the diamond plate. I took advantage of the short window before the front broke to visit the Forklift Chair, after which the front was good to go with fast smooth corn goodness.  Regulator waited until Noon to break, so that sequence stretched out the quality all morning long.  Tomorrow, look for some weather to have moved in, so I don’t expect things to soften as fast, and there might even be some precip of some kind.   The cover remains good to the bottom, but there are some rocks popping up here and there, so be on the look out for them.  It might require a bit more clothing as well for the morning session, so go prepared for variation.  Here is a shot of the morning crew on the ride up first Tram.  They had Mineral all to themselves.  See you in the AM.  Ciao!!

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