11-17-09 by dave

I was delivered back here on Tuesday by a trans dimensional craft cleverly disguised as a green pick up , so as not to alarm the the neighbors.   My long struggle with the Dark Side had, once again, been completed.  I can assure you I dealt sternly with the DARK MATTER, laying it low, and smashing it into submission.  I was aided in the EXIT  by sympathetic agents who still remain in the frey, dealing with the mop up operations.  I pulled the Award Winning Communications Trailer down from the high desert and have spent the week getting it ready for the season.  A quick trip to COSTCO supplied me with a full season supply of aluminum foil, so I am good to go.   Today I made my first trip to THE BIRD to get a first hand look at the hill.  Strong snow making efforts have been ongoing to the top of Regulator.  I did not get up the Tram to get a look, but the Big Emma section had a solid section covered to the bottom of the Zoom lift.  Off the prepared section is ultra thin and would be nothing but trouble if you were to venture of the main section.  More snow is in the forecast and we must get the serious dancing going to get the requisite amount of KARFUNDA to kick this season off to a big start.  I was not able to get a firm answer on a Friday opening, so check the Snowbird site early to get the official word.  It is good to be back on planet and I am looking forward to a great season.  Now every one :  Get Dancing!

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