And don’t forget to sizzle

1-19-09 by dave

It just goes to show that you never can tell what you are going to find.  You might think that the usual stuff is good, and it is , but there are always surprises.   The cat crew has a lot to work with after last week’s snow and wind.    you might think that the groomer is too tame.  but when a steep winch  section is calling, you got to go. South aspects are starting to get sun and warmth so they are going to be crusty tomorrow, Monday.   North is still going to hold although the firmage is rising.   west still suffers from the wind effects of last week, but continued  hitting of a shot will make it become skiable , very skiable.  East is still soft in the spots that don’t see the sun.   Tommorow will be great for charging the smooth and buffable and later look for some variety and make every turn count.   High pressure continues.   Enjoy the sun and uncrowdedness  of the hill.  And don’t forget to sizzle

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