1-19-11 by dave

I have to admit, I went to bed last night thinking that we would be dealing with some serious challenges this morning, as the rain beat on the Trailer for hours.  Would I arrive to fine another morning of sogginess?   The answer was NO!!!!  10 to 12” of high density snow fell overnight, adhering fairly well to the frozen layer that has developed in the last 2 days.  The dense quality of the new snow nearly erased the knar knar  that lurked below.   Frozen crust areas were exposed in certain areas that had been stripped by the wind, though it was immediately deposited close by.  The new snow was also perfectly spreadable, like a sweet dessert topping, easily letting the memories of the recent past fade in the luxurity of the essence.  The Tram opened up later in the morning after the  Tram Crew did a masterful job of getting it thawed out and running for us.  Other areas of the hill were opened later in the afternoon, so the entire hill will be getting the attention that is required to work out the funky spots.  Tomorrow, look for some more accumulation to continue for a bit after closing as the system moves out.   The Groomers will be killer as well, after being mixed and rolled for us.  This high density snow responds beautifully to the machines, delivering groovalicious quality top to bottom.  Be cautious of the high steep entrances that have not held the snow, as they are incredibly greasy, resisting the sharpest edges with the high shine.   It seems better to take a faster longer line to the hill, to avoid the variability of the inconsistent traction.  Every time I tried to get a bit more angular, I was stretched out by the glazed tiles I would hit here and there.  That last little weather glitch was a fluke and will be a footnote in the season, so for those who are thinking of  canceling or postponing,  I feel confident that hill will  be offering excellence going forward.  I know that I was clearly reminded, by this last weather blip, how good we have it here in the Powder Vortex of the Wasatch!!!  Until the First Boat,   TA!

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